1975The company was founded by Kaj Madsen in the town of Fjelstrup, Denmark.
1984The company was rearranged into an Limited company.
1988The company was set up in the new offices and garage at Vestvej in Fjelstrup.
1980 – 1993High transport growth in Western Europe, especially to Spain.
1999The management and all shares of Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S was taken over by Jens Andersen and Andreas Fristoft.
2003The company moved to new premises at Kokholm, Kolding.
2004A subsidiary was founded in Germany, Kaj Madsen Flensburg GmbH.
2006In Germany, in collaboration with CM Logistic Schleswig, a subsidiary InterScan GmbH was founded.
2010A subsidiary company UAB Kaj Madsen Kaunas was founded in Kaunas, Lithuania.
2011The company's fleet is now fully equipped with the satellite surveillance / tracking systems on all units.
2012The fleet of Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S does now also contains Huckepack Trailer, for environment friendly Rail/Road transports.
2013The Company Interscan GmbH are fully taken over by Kaj Madsen Flensburg GmbH From CM Logistic
2014Founding of KMF Transport ApS
2016The Company is approved with IFS and ISO 22000 Certificates.
2017New trailer parking with 12000 sqm., equipped with electric power for cooling machines is built in Kokholm 8.
Fuel station with three lanes, is built in Kokholm 8 in cooperation with Shell.