Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S takes care to comply with all laws and requirements related to our transports. Particular attention is given to the international shipping requirements of perishable food products, and rules of road transport.

All temperature controlled trailers operated by Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S are ATP-FRC certified.

Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S is constantly monitored and certified by the Danish food control commission, click here.

Cargo carriers liability insurance (CMR), click here

KAJ MADSEN FJELSTRUP A/S owns more transport companies which carry out transport for both national and international clients.

IFS APPROVAL – Click here
ISO 22000 APPROVAL – Click here

Driving Approvals

The company has all necessary permits and licences to engage in international road transport / carrier services. These certificates / licences can be found here:

KMF Transport ApS
Kaj Madsen Flensburg GmbH
UAB Kaj Madsen Kaunas